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Creating a college list that you can actually afford!

How is this college search different?

You get the answer to the most important question first!

Most college search engines go into great detail to find the perfect school for your child, identifying colleges based on Campus Life, Opportunities, and Academics. 

However, they miss the one factor that can have the greatest impact on not only your child's future, but yours: FINANCES.

If a school has your child's preferred major and features activities and experiences that will open doors, but is out of your price range, how does that help you? What does that do for your child but get their hopes up and put pressure on you to figure out how to pay for it?

What if you could find great schools that meet your child's desired criteria of major, location, etc. and know that they fit your budget? Even better, how will it feel to beat the system in a game that almost everyone else is losing, setting up your child to leave college without the weight of unnecessary debt?

The Prioritized College Search Service does just that, creating a list of schools that are a great fit for your child's needs and for your budget. Find out which schools are most generous with need-based aid and merit aid so you don't have to pay more for a great education than you have to!

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Take the guesswork out of paying for college by starting with a college list of generous schools where your child can receive need-based aid, merit aid, or both!


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