Do you feel EMPOWERED by the thought of paying for college?

Believe it or not, you can be in control of how you pay - and how much you pay - for college. Get the information and tools you need to take charge of the college funding process.

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What is EMPOWERED College Funding?

It's the confidence that comes with having the right information and the best tools to make great financial decisions for your child ...and for yourself.


Having a plan allows you to stay sane, to approach this crazy time with a sense composure and predictability. (Even if you don't really feel that way.)


The right tools make any job easier, and we give you everything you need to find and save the most money for college.


Many parents feel isolated, not sure where to get answers for their unique situation. Our coaching keeps you connected throughout the process.


Knowing really is half the battle!

The best college funding plan is a combination of knowing what to do and knowing when to do it. College Funding Planners teaches you everything you need to 

  • Qualify for the most need-based aid possible with access to more than 100 EFC-reduction strategies.

  • Find the schools that will award your child the greatest amount of grants and scholarships with college search strategies that prioritize merit awards.

  • Negotiate aid awards with schools (Yes, you can do that!) by anticipating this before you apply.

  • Create a plan to pay for your child's education on your terms, not on the college's.

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Get equipped to put your strategy into action

Once you learn the college funding rules and create a strategy for your unique situation, you need the tools to make it happen. The Empowered College Funding program gives you everything you need to make your strategy a reality:

  • Your Expected Family Contribution analysis - Identify whether you can utilize the more than 100 EFC-reduction strategies available to qualify for more financial aid.
  • The College Generosity Report - discover whether your likely to get financial aid at your child's top schools before they apply.
  • FAFSA completion review to make sure you do it right the first time.
  • The financial aid award appeal templates
  • A financial aid marketplace where schools compete to get your child the best deal on college.
  • The "Which Bucket? When?" step-by-step plan to pay for college based on your family's unique financial situation.
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You're not alone in this!

When you're not sure where to find the right answers and maybe even a little embarrassed about how little you know when it comes to paying for college, it's nice to know you have someone to ask questions, access to a different perspective, and occasionally a chance to blow off some steam when your kid won't pick a darn school!

Our Empowered coaching features an Elite Life Coach (and Certified College Funding Specialist) who has walked with hundreds of families on the same journey of finding the best ways to pay for college - but not too much.

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