Do you know everything you need to know about the FAFSA?

Probably not. And frankly, you probably don't want to.

You just want to get it done so you can move on with the college process as quickly as possible.

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One of the most important - and potentially confusing - steps in the college process is the financial aid application.

We give you the confidence to do it correctly the first time so your child gets the maximum aid... and you don't spend more time on this part of the process than you have to!

Why do you need help?

Frankly, you might not! But you likely won't know it until after you apply - until it's too late - which could cost you thousands of dollars in financial aid.

To give you an idea of how complicated the application can be, even people who work for FAFSA can get it wrong!  A few years ago we reviewed a U.S. Department of Education employee's FAFSA to see if he could reduce his Expected Family Contribution in the following years. To our surprise, even he had completed his application incorrectly!

Don't worry, we helped him fix it.

Let's get yours right the first time!


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