Empowered College Funding

Feeling frustrated (and maybe a little overwhelmed) by the college funding process? Like no one's on your side but they expect you to have all the answers?

We teach you everything you need to know about college funding so that you can create a plan... on your terms.

Get Empowered!

What's your plan to pay for college?

One of the reasons parents feel frustrated by the thought of paying for college is that no one is helping you. You're just stuck with the bill. We teach parents a three-step strategy that empowers you to make the best financial decisions for your child... and for you!

Maximized need-based aid

Did you know there are more than 100 ways to reduce your EFC, qualifying you for more financial aid? We teach you how to position yourself to get as much free money for college as possible.

Maximized merit aid

What most families don't prioritize when choosing a college is which ones will award your child thousands of dollars for activities, athletics, and academics.  We help you find the most merit aid without sacrificing a quality education.

A comprehensive plan to pay for college

There are smart ways to pay for college and there are ways that can cost you tens of thousands in interest and lost opportunity. Let's build a plan that pays for college on your terms!

Brand New to the College Funding Process?

Most parents are confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by paying for college because they don't know the what to expect. This free training is the perfect way to start learning what you'll need to know along the way.


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